RAAC would like to thank the following 2019 Fall Art Tour sponsors:
Barbara and Matthew Black
Lynn and Edward Dolnick
Anne and Gus Edwards
Haley Fine Art
Judith Richards Hope
Phil and Penny Kardis
Nancy and Dick Raines
Chris and Barbara Wall
Gay Street Inn
Dennis Barry and Judith Hecht
Bari and Keith Levingston
Jennifer Manly
Nathan and Valerie McCarry
Paul and Nadia McGeough
Beverly and John Fox Sullivan
Susan Van den Toorn
Cheri and Martin Woodard 
Jennifer and David Aldrich
Mary Allen
Lesley Arnold
Mary Frances and Harold Beebout
Alejandro Cedeño and Bob Berry
Capital Metro Physical Therapy
Steven Lott and Greg Cofer
Robert M. Darby
Depicting Life Photography
Linda and Bill Dietel
Susan and Alan Dranitzke
Kees and Kathi Dutilh
Tom and Kathy Englar
Katherine F. Farmer
Finn Family Foundation
John and Sally Freeman
Catherine Porter and Jim Fuller
Gay Street Gallery
Michael and Priscilla Goodwin
Heather Wicke and Bob Hurley
Benita and Geoff Gowen
Griffin Tavern
Barbara S. Harris
Paul R. Tetreault and John Jeter
Bet and Jake Jones
Bruce and Susan Jones
Kit Goldfarb and Dan Lanigan
Nicholas Lucarelli Architect
Sallie and Tod Morgan
Cliff and Christine Mumm
Susan Spencer and Tom Oliphant
Real Estate III – Kaye and Rick Kohler
Don and Kate Picard
Andy Platt
Bud Meyer and Anne Robertson
Susan Stoltzman and Dan Spethmann
Peggy and Rich Spillenkothen
Edie and David Tatel
Tula’s Restaurant and Bar
Hal and Lis Wackman
Narmada Winery
Patti McGill Peterson and Kate Woodward