Rosabel Goodman-Everard

My work, whether it is abstract or figurative, or somewhere in between, starts with a tree shape. I paint, I draw, I sculpt, I assemble, and sometimes I do all of the above. Since the end of last year I concentrate on making pieces that take me on a creative hike, without too much concern other than that the pieces must make me happily surprised.

Rosabel will be hosting Ruth Anna Stolk, Molly Dodge, Janet Kerig, and Nina Moore.

Janet Kerig (hand dyed fabrics)
My inspiration is color from nature on textiles that shimmer with light. Colors have a healing effect on people with effect upon the soul, spirit and mood.  2017 is the year of black walnuts in Rappahannock for a warm brown on silk and wool. I have been dyeing with plants for almost 30 years and have found the colors that resonate.

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