Ephemeral Art Program

The arts are alive in Rappahannock County in multiple ways! The newest rendition is the Rappahannock Association for Arts and Community’s  Ephemeral Art Program, which is now underway with three installations in place along the Sperryville trail network in the village of Sperryville. The three installations were up through the first weekend of November, 2022.

Patricia Brennan of Thornton River Art(current Fall Art Tour participant) and Jen Cable of Flourish Root Floral Studio (past Fall Art Tour participant) offer Peace of Mine As shown in the photo taken by Patricia Brennan, the installation is a cone-shaped structure made of bamboo, willow, and pine splits, large enough for two people to sit inside. The two entryways allow openness for river sounds and air flow.  The two artists drew inspiration from this video, which documents the amazing process of weaving handmade bamboo dwellings in Ethiopia. The location is an opening next to the trail directly behind Cheri Woodard Realty.

Donna Marquisee’s installation entitled Orbesque Concatenation is a mobile of linked vine wreaths and a few vine balls in a tree with open branching, and is located behind Before & After coffee shop.

Janet Kerig’s (current Fall Art Tour guest artist) installation entitled Ephemeral Gateway is constructed with local honeysuckle and cattail leaves woven into an “ephemeral gateway,” and is located on the trail behind Headmaster’s Pub.

Recognition and appreciation goes to RAAC, the Rappahannock League for Environmental Protection (RLEP), and Sperryville Community Alliance (SCA) for making this project possible.  A special thanks goes to the landowners upon whose property these exhibits will reside. Look for details on the second round of the Ephemeral Art Program in spring of 2023.

Patricia Brennan & Jen Cable

Donna Marquisee

Janet Kerig