The winners of the 2023 Fall Art Tour Photo Contest are:

Spirit of  the Tour

Katarzyna Zymanczyk
“Two girls & board”

What an original idea!  These young women took a piece of plywood on their tour and gathered artist signatures on their visit.  It’s a wonderful souvenir of the weekend with a memory in each signature, fully capturing the spirit of the Tour.

Autumn Scenes 

Stephanie Hopson
“Autumn Highway”
Stephanie’s image is an invitation to Rappahannock County and its autumn splendor.  The road leads the eye from the open fields through a colorful forest to the mountains beyond to a perfect afternoon of exploration.

Studio Scenes

Stephanie Hopson
“Whale & Painting of a Man”
This image has a strong composition with man in the background painting casually leaning against a door and observing the artfully  sculptured metallic whale with a keen but uncommitted eye.

Click on the above images to open them larger in lightbox.

Thanks to all who submitted images!

Annual Photo Contest

We know you’re here to look at other people’s art… but it’s time for you to show your inner artist, too.

Be inspired by:
        • The works of art you see on the Tour
        • The interactions you have with artists
        • The beauty of Rappahannock County
        • Or whatever happens to catch your eye this weekend
Photos will be judged in three separate categories:
        • Spirit of the Fall Art Tour: Images that best capture the spirit of the Fall Art Tour
        • Autumn Scenes: Images that best capture the beauty of Rappahannock County’s vistas and villages on Fall Art Tour weekend
        • Studio Scenes: Images that best capture our artist studios and galleries, and our artists interacting with Tour visitors

What do you win? 

The top photo in each category will be featured in the Rappahannock News and on the Fall Art Tour website. Who knows if you’ll go viral from there!

How to enter:
        • Submit up to 5 photos to (in one email) taken in Rappahannock County over Fall Art Tour weekend (November 2-3, 2024)
        • Please include your name and zip code
        • Limit each photo to less than 2MB but feel free to upload a compressed folder (Google or Dropbox folders won’t be considered); images larger than 2MB will not be accepted
All entries must be emailed by November 10, 2024 for consideration.

Entries will be judged by Luke Christopher and Ray Boc, professional photographers from the County and artists on the Tour.

All photos must be original work, taken by the entrants who submit them. Close-up images showing only work by Tour artists that do not include the context of the studio or gallery will not be considered. By submitting images, entrants agree that photos may be used by RAAC and the Fall Art Tour for advertising and promotional purposes.