Application for Returning Studios and Galleries

If you are a studio or gallery that has participated in the Fall Art Tour within the last three (3) years, please complete the following renewal application. If you have not participated within the last three years, or have never participated, please complete the new artist application HERE.

Please note that participation in the Tour is only open to Rappahannock County, VA residents and businesses.

Will you be using any of the following for your own promotion?

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A note on the above form: Complete each section and then type in the answer to the captcha math question, click your Tab button to input the captcha answer, and then click Submit. Thank you!

Once you have submitted your form by clicking the “Submit” button above, please select your participating category from the dropdown menu below and click “Buy Now.” You will be directed to PayPal where you will complete the payment process.

Select Studio or Gallery

You will receive two confirmations: a confirmation email from the Fall Art Tour for the renewal form, and a payment confirmation from PayPal; if you don’t receive these your submittal may not have gone through; please email if you don’t receive confirmation so we can investigate.