Sperryville ARTist Cooperative

Deepy rooted in it’s agrestic community, Sperryville ARTist Cooperative features fine artists, craftsmen, and young artists who celebrate the natural beauty and farmland heritage of Virginia’s Piedmont Region. This rustic, yet inviting artist-operated gallery exhibits an enticing collection of paintings, mixed media, photography, three-dimensional work and art of social commentary. As a professional arts organization, the cooperative supports traditional and non-traditional formats and includes experimental, innovative and urban art.

Considered a welcoming center for the River District area Sperryville ARTist Cooperative provides its visitors with a unique and personal experience. Current services include artist representation, youth presentations, studio/project space, artist workshops and demonstrations, special events, and resident-driven community art projects.

2020 Resident Artist Biographies: Cherl Crews | Tessa Crews | Adam DisbrowJane Forth | Marilyn Hayes
Emerging Artists: Trusten Murrah, Hannah Patteson, Camden Shanks