Thornton River Art

Smiling Faces

Patricia Brennan

Hand painted with traditional stained glass paints, silk screen border, center is sunflowers have handmade fused beads
20.5″ x 30.5″

Birds of Hope

Patricia Brennan

Fused Glass
6″ x 6″ on wooden base
$55 each

Sperryville – the Little Apple

Patricia Brennan

Fused and painted stained glass
22″ x 32″

Tuck’s Field

Martin Woodard

Oil on canvas
16″ x 20″

Cabin at Longview

Martin Woodard

Oil on canvass
8″ x 10″

South of Sperryville

Martin Woodard

Oil on canvas
16″ x 20″

Emmitt Road

Martin Woodard

Oil on canvas
12″ x 25″


Vinnie Deluise

Mosaic stained glass
12″ x 18″

Monarch & Cornflower

Heidi Morf

Stained glass
14″ x 20″

Fine Silver Jewelry

Kaitlynn Mullan


Michelle Soderman

Thornton River Art is Sperryville’s Gallery of Local Art. We feature an eclectic collection of local art including fine art, stained glass, mosaics, pottery, weaving, jewelry, metal art, woodworking, and more. We showcase thoughtful and creative gifts to heirloom quality art. Our gallery on Main Street, Sperryville, exhibits the innovative and inventive energy of Rappahannock County.

Martin Woodard draws his inspiration from the Blue Ridge Mountains and the surrounding countryside. His oil paintings embrace shapes, colors, shadows, and the compelling compositions providing thoughtful interpretations of nature.

Patricia Brennan has dedicated herself to stained glass for the past 40 years. Nature is the inspiration for her work; she draws from observing the surroundings of her home in Rappahannock County. Creating with color and light is the joy in each piece that she makes. She utilizes many techniques in glass to create her work: silk screening and hand painting with traditional stained glass paints, etching, mosaics, fusing, and kiln worked glass are all used in tandem to create her unique style of stained glass.

Heidi Morf loves color; it is a common thread in her art. She works with glass in many forms: mosaic, lamp work. bead jewelry, fused glass and stained glass, and occasionally polymer clay and fabric dying.