It has been nearly 40 years since I left my job in the science field to work as an apprentice in fine furniture, a fantasy that I had as a child, but lost somewhere in the confusion of adolescence, caving to a more pragmatic choice of careers. Once I realized that I had a gift, I never looked back.

I am now at an age where I hear friend’s anticipatory talk of retirement, but in some ways I feel as if my career is just now beginning. When I reflect on my experiences in various fields of woodcraft – from cabinetry, to boats, carving faces in wood, and to fine furniture, ( and add to that a few ounces of confidence and pounds of maturity ) – I get a sense of the cohesiveness of my experiences, and, when dovetailed with skills honed over the years, the key role they play in the design and execution of my furniture.

I am a craftsman whose furniture design is a reflection of where I’ve been and the tools I’ve acquired along the way, not only in a physical sense, but in a philosophical sense as well. God be willing, I will continue to pay homage to the craft that has given me so much pleasure for many years to come, and to share a gift that I hope in some ways brings pleasure to others….. and to fulfill the long ago dreams of a 10 year old boy.


See more of Bob’s studio and work in this video: