Heidi Morf

RiF RaF Studio and De’Dannan Glassworks

I finally have a wonderful studio on our hill, just across the driveway from our home. This year
Patricia Brennan will be joining me in my studio. We both love working with glass, so it’s a
perfect fit. Lately, we’ve been creating whimsical fused glass bugs to decorate the garden.
I started doing mosaics and bead jewelry while still working full time at our restaurant. After
retiring I have been working with a propane torch making my own glass beads. These are
incorporated into my jewelry. I also make beads with polymer clay. I love working with color and
all of these different mediums let me have tons of fun! RiF RaF (Rappahannock individuals For
Recreation and Fun).

Patricia has been working as a commissioned stained glass artist for 37 years. She uses
multiple stained glass techniques in her windows including painting, silk.

Artist Biography: Heidi Morf
Artist Website: Patricia Brennan