Steve Marquisee

My shop is located back up in Gid Brown Hollow in the shade of the Blue Ridge. It is from this environment that I draw inspiration to build finely crafted instruments that are a pleasure both to hold and to play. Each handmade instrument is built one at a time and can also be made for left handed players! Five sizes of guitars (0, 00, 000, OM and dreadnought), f style mandolins and banjos are built and repair work is offered on most stringed and bowed instruments as well.

Guest artists include family members Jonathan, Forrest, and Donna Marquisee. 

Donna is an environmental artist with an adjacent studio. She combines tree, vine, roots, flowers, fruits, and found elements for her creations.

Attached to Steve’s luthier workspace is Forest Floor Studios. This recording studio will be open with demonstrations throughout the day featuring Steve’s handmade instruments.