The Rappahannock Association for Arts and Community is pleased to present a series of monthly virtual exhibitions from May through October, 2020. We are pleased to present this program featuring studio artists and galleries which participate on our annual Fall Art Tour.

Watch all the Meet-the-Artist Events here!

October 2020 Meet-the-Artists features:

Old Rag Gallery, Margaret Rogers, Nedra Smith, Jennifer Webb, Priscilla Long Whitlock, Anita Zymolka

September 2020 Meet-the-Artists features:

Patricia Brennan, Jackie Bailey Labovitz, Davette Leonard,  Margot S. Neuhaus, Paul Rutz, Lori Wallace-Lloyd

August 2020 Meet-the-Artists features:

Mary Allen, Peter Kramer, Pam Pittinger, River District Potters, Michael Sage, Martin Woodard.

July 2020 Meet-the-Artists features:

Kate Anderson, Donna Brune, Gina Irwin, Nol Putnam, Carolyn Roth, Tom Tartaglino.

June 2020 Meet-the-Artists features:

Adam Disbrow, Hans Gerhard, Rosabel Goodman-Everard, Nancy Keyser, Phyllis Northup, Patricia Underwood.

May 2020 Meet-the-Artists features:

Kevin H. Adams, Linda Croxson, Kat Habib & Jen Cable, Ron Paras, Philip Ward, and Ruthie Windsor-Mann.