Gina Irwin

Wearing the World

sterling silver labradorite bracelet

Over the Rainbow

sterling silver rainbow moonstone pendant on beads

Fall Splendour

Silver cuff bracelet, with hand stamped designs around a red plume agate
2″ x 1-3/4″

Heart Statement

Rhodochrosite, set in sterling silver, with enhancer pendant bail
2.75″ long x 1.5″ wide


33 carat Moonstone set in sterling silver

Laser Lights

Spectrolite set in sterling silver

Green Goddess

green turquoise stone set in both sterling silver and 14k yellow gold
3″ x 2.5″

Pretty in Pink

cobaltian calcite, set in sterling silver, hand stamped ring shank, size 7
1.5″ x .75″

Purple Passion

necklace, five charoite stones set in sterling silver, with hand stamped designs

I find inspiration on the drive to work each day. I take great care to hand-select the gemstones and beads I use in my creations, some of which can take weeks, months, or years to find just the right fit in a piece of work. I also delight in re-purposing vintage finds into new, original work.