Peter Kramer

I’m Outta Here Table

30” wide 26” deep 28” high

Captured Leg Sideboard

Highly figured maple
14” x 50” x 32” Tall

Porpoise Table

Maple Burl and Cherry
40”wide  20” deep 36” high

Mother’s Day Table

Mahogany and Maple
72″ wide  24” deep  40” high

Windsor Bench

Cherry and Pine
72”wide  26” deep  32” high

Labor Day Table

Cherry and Maple
40” wide  22” deep  18” high

Woven Door Sideboard

Spalted Maple and Maple Burl
84” wide 28” deep 36” high

I have a love affair with wood, all types of wood. I find it captivating, I am enthralled by its appearance, texture, aroma, color, patterns, flexibility, density, figure and form as it merges with my personality. Designing and making furniture is my occupation, but more than that it is my art form. The majority of my work will exist much longer than me, and speak to more people. This is why I am so careful about what my designs express. 

I sell directly through my showroom in Amissville, Virginia and via the internet. Because these are some of the highest quality, well-designed furniture pieces being crafted in this country today, your dollars buy quality and uniqueness, while providing a valuable American treasure for future generations.