What I love about the art tour is the element of surprise … you never know what each new location will bring. Each home, studio, and gallery is uniquely inspirational. And the diversity of styles, mediums, and forms of artistic expression is truly amazing.
– Sean R., Washington DC

I look forward to the art tour every year.  Not only do you get to experience and observe incredible artworks of all kinds made by artists throughout the Rappahannock countryside, you also get to step into the artists’ personal studios, talk to them about their methods and inspiration, and gain a unique and special perspective on their work.  It makes for a remarkable and memorable time, elevated further by the spectacular landscape and fall colors.
– Hope H., Washington, DC

I have attended the Art Tour for the past four years. I look forward to visiting the inspiring studios of the artists who show their work each year but also discovering new artists as the tour continues to grow. I especially enjoy sharing it with my father and seeing him entranced by all the different types of art and engaged in conversations with the artists on concepts and their process.
– Emma O., Arlington, VA