Nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia, surrounded by inspiring views and nature, you find the glass studio of Patricia Brennan, which is called De’Danann Glassworks. Brennan has been working as a commissioned stained glass artist for the past 37 years. She uses multiple forms of stained glass techniques, such as traditional kiln fired hand painting, silk screening, etching, fusing, mosaic, lamp work jewelry and slumping.Brennan’s talents allow her to create a wide range of styles in glass. She specializes in church windows, stained glass light boxes, as well as family crests windows and commissioned glasswork. 

In addition to her commissioned work, Brennan enjoys sharing her passion of glass. She teaches glass classes every week and on occasional weekends. These classes range from basic traditional stained glass windows to mosaic, stepping stones and slumped jewelry. Her class offerings can be found on the studio web site below.

Dedicated to preserving the integrity of an old world art form, she combines skills from the past with the technology available today. There will be several examples set up the weekend of the fall art tour to help attendees learn more insight on how stained glass is made, and the many techniques Brennan uses in the process of her work. A visit up the mountain to her studio is a lovely experience.

Artist Website: De’Danann Glassworks
Instagram: dedanannglass
FaceBook: De’Danann Glassworks
Phone: 540-987-8615


See more of Patricia’s studio and work in this video: