New Artists Joining RAAC’s Upcoming Art Tour

A clear sign that the Rappahannock artists community is flourishing is that new professional local artists join the Tour each year.  Four local artists will be opening their studios for the first time on this year’s Tour.  They will join the group of 28 studio artists and 8 galleries, representing more than 80 artists, who will be showing their diverse work on November 4th and 5th.  You won’t want to miss visiting with these new fine artists as well as viewing the new work of your longtime favorites!  

You can also see a sample of all the artists’ work at the Tour’s Main Gallery returning to the Washington School, 567 Mount Salem Ave. for the first time since Fall 2019. Admission is free!


Meet Tina and Paul Falkenbury

Tina and Paul met in 1993 through mutual architect friends. They raised a family and thrived     in their respective careers in photography and architecture in Northern Virginia. Tina is a photographer with her own business, Depicting Life Photography, and Paul was an architect   with Samaha Associates, PC.

They purchased a historic log cabin in Rappahannock County in 2018, initially as a weekend retreat. The County’s beauty and welcoming community prompted them to make a permanent move in October 2020 after renovating and expanding the cabin into their current home.

Over the past three years, the Falkenburys have become engaged in both community service and artistic activities in the County. They’re both involved in Rapp at Home, the Food Pantry, Rapp Center for Education, Rapp Trails, the Clifton Institute, and  the Benevolent Fund.  Tina is involved with the RAAC theater as an actor and graphic designer and has recently joined the RAAC board.

Having experienced the magic of the Fall Art Tour in previous years, they are excited to exhibit this year and share their studio and creations with friends and visitors.

“On My Way Home,” by Tina Falkenbury

Tina: Capturing the Beauty of the County with an Emphasis on Light

Tina has immersed herself in capturing the beauty of Rappahannock County, paying particular attention to how light affects the color, texture, and materials of barns and other decaying structures. She brings her varied experiences with photography, collage, graphic design, and painting to that creative effort.

Tina’s work ranges from abstract oil and cold wax painting to stylized framed photographs of recognizable landscapes. Recently she’s been using her photographs to create both digital collages and mixed media paintings using a variety of techniques and textures that primarily reference farm life and landscape. Her process involves applying her photographs to a board along with a variety of textures and layers of paint. The finished pieces evoke a sense of time and place unique to the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia.

View more on Tina’s Tour page.

“Over the Hills and Through the Woods,” by Paul Falkenbury

Paul: Drawing Inspiration from the Environment and Music

After settling in Rappahannock, Paul retired from architecture to pursue his lifelong dream of becoming an artist. His non-representational work draws inspiration from the environment, music, and visual experience. Acrylic paint is Paul’s primary medium, but he uses other materials including pastes, additives, and paper to achieve multi-layered textured compositions. The paintings evolve through an intuitive process of applying color, texture, and marks to arrive at a finished piece that reveals the history of its making and the joy in the process.

View more on Paul’s Tour page.

Plan Your Studio and Gallery Visits in Advance

Previews of all the Tour artists’ work are available on our Gallery and Studio pages.

The printable map will be available on the website one week prior to the Tour. Maps and information will also be available at the Main Gallery as well as the Rappahannock County Visitors Center and other local businesses on the Tour weekend.