Mullany Art Studios

Front Royal Nocturne

Tom Mullany

Oil on panel

Venus of the Blue Ridge

Tom Mullany

Oil on panel

Moonrise Drive

Tom Mullany

Oil on panel

Wild Poppy

Kerrie Mullany

Linocut, reduction print

Dinosaur 1

Candace Clough

Picasiette Mosaic on wood panel

Micro-Mosaic Jewelry

Nancy Kline


The Waterbearers

Jacque Towner

Mosaic on panel

Blue Moon

Jacque Towner

Mosaic on panel

Embroidered Denim Jacket

Beth Schmaltz



Holly Flowers


Located in an old apple packing warehouse in Flint Hill, The Studio School @ Mullany Art Studios was opened in 2012 by artists Kerrie and Tom Mullany. Over the years it has become a special place in the community where people who love art can work together, learn new skills, make art, and share their process with others. The studio offers classes and workshops taught by local artists in a variety of artistic mediums including oil and acrylic painting, mosaic, sculpture, collage, bookmaking, and more.

On exhibit during this year’s art tour will be artwork from instructors and students, plus some special guests. 

Tom Mullany follows his own path of inspiration and feels that no subject is out of bounds. Sometimes he envisions real history in a surreal way, while in other works he seeks to portray an imaginary image in a matter-of-fact way. His work can be seen at

Kerrie Mullany works in a variety of mediums, including sculpture or relief work in clay, plaster, and wood. Most recently she has been learning the art of linocut printmaking and printing designs on fabric.

Candace Clough is a mosaic artist who also teaches workshops at the studio. Her work is often playful, highly inventive, and varied in scale. She headed up the amazing mosaic mural, “Enthusiasm”, on the front of the studio building. This is a work in progress with artists from all over the country participating and being installed by a group of local mosaic artists who call themselves “The Flint Hill Gang.”

Other artists featured in the current show include: 

Nancy Kline, mosaic artist
Holly Flowers, mosaic artist
Pat Reid, mosaic artist
Beth Schmalz, embroidery and mixed media
Jacque Towner, mosaic artist

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